The Kägwerks communications ecosystem began development in mid-2017 to expand our product line to a four-tiered solution that can be operated accompanied and together in a high-performance communications system. It features the DOCK, DOCK-Lite, RAID Plate, and Operators Cases. Our tiered solution provides communications, command, control, and edge computing across the battlefield down to the individual warfighter. The Kägwerks ecosystem allows every layer of the chain of command to have real-time control and command.

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The Dismounted Operator’s Combat Kit (DOCK) solution is the first modular and scalable communications system built for the individual warfighter.

  • Interchangeable modules focusing on the ability to leverage multiple communications layers listed as preforming edge computing.
  • A robust system that maintains communications and situational awareness in denied/decentralized environments.
  • In the peer to near-peer world, DOCK provides a distinct technological advantage to the individual warfighter while decreasing the overall Size, Weight, and Power requirements (SWaP-C for Size, Weight, Price, and cost).

The DOCK-Lite platform brings multiple layers of value in one lightweight package, redefining the Personal Area Network for the warfighter. This innovative approach to networking leverages the most up to date DoD wireless technologies. As industry leaders, we are working hand-in-hand with the DoD to develop standardized communications protocols. The DOCK-Lite is the first platform that integrates equipment from disparate vendors in one compact location.

  • DOCK-Lite is the most compact platform designed for the individual infantryman. Reducing large deployment cost.
  • Designed to be user-friendly which requires less training recourse. Full deployment requires less than ten minutes.
  • The only hub USB PD capable of supporting USB Type-C screens. This interface supports future growth and pioneers a new era of Personal Area Networking.
Product Name Power Delivery Control Snap Modules 30 Whr battery Next Gen Hub ISW UWB Hot Buttons on EUD
NOTES Required for all NW EUD's Future extensibility w/o cables Longer system run-time and power to smaller peripherals Linux application controller capable of IP routing/bridging Required to be compatible with other soldier worn devices Quick actions capable in OS and ATAK
Operator's Kit No No No No No No
DOCK-Lite Yes No No No No Yes
DOCK-Lite with ISW Yes No No No Yes Yes
DOCK Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes