Kägwerks Case Screen Protector
Kägwerks Case Screen Protector

Kägwerks Case Screen Protector


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The Kägwerks Case Screen Protector is a 3-layer system designed to minimize damage to your EUD's screen by dispersing the shock across all 3 surfaces.  We have tested many screen protectors and ours offers the best capacitive touch response with gloved hands while preserving as much of it's inherent protection qualities as possible for optimal performance.  Our adhesive application allows you to easily replace your screen protector, if damaged, without having to purchase an entirely new case.  Simply peel off the old one and stick on a new one.

These screen protectors have been custom cut and designed for optimal performance with your Kägwerks Case.    


  • Anti-glare
  • Reduces Smudges 
  • Impact Protection
  • Easy Peel and Stick
  • Comes with screen cleaning kit 

*If you desire to purchase your own COTS screen protector, it may cause sealing and fitment issues with your Kägwerks Case.  

** Ensure screen is completely free of dust particles and fingerprints before application for optimal adhesion. 

(note: photo only shows 1 phone type)